originated in chicago. big time big crime super boss. hasn't paid taxes in 25 years. has "samurai family" who will kick your ass. born in a nissan silvia 180SX. recently developed a speech impediment. born in the darkness. banned from all open mic events in north america. new york times best selling author.
special attributes: special attributes: special attributes:
gun owner: +10 range, +5 intimidation street racer: +10 speed, +5 evasion schizotypal personality disorder: +10 evasion, targeted individual, has a brother-in-law in the CIA.
alcoholic: +5 strength, -3 speed, -5 accuracy stoner: -3 speed, -5 motivation, +10 intelligence casual PCP user: +5 speed, -2 stealth, +10 strength
big boss: 30% chance to summon minion when attacked. DJ: +2 free drink tickets comedian: +5 charisma. venue of choice: out the car window in school zones.
special abilities: special abilities: special abilities:
a deal you can't refuse: cut off your finger and threaten your family. costs 5 AP. bong rip: -5 speed, +10 intelligence, +5 stealth due to smoke cloud. lasts 30 seconds. costs 5 AP. home invasion: catches opponent off guard, 2 free turns. costs 5 AP.
lizard mode: blood alcohol level .38%. extremely agile and illusive. costs 10 AP. art of the blade: katana materializes out of thin air. costs 10 AP and 5 prayer. psychotic break: damage recieved delayed by 3 turns. -5 to all stats. lasts 4 hours. costs 15 AP.